Bennie Oliver, Actor

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." - Maimonides. 

With Louis Brantmeyer coaching I was taught "to fish". The 6 months I spent working with Louis were the most informative, deep, self reflective, self learning, emotional and self revealing months of my life. As I worked through perceived fears and situations varying in emotional pull and significance, Louis always reminded me of my power in each situation and how at any point I was driving and creating the outcome. It was a simple yet sometimes challenging concept to fully wrap my head around but with practice and doing the work, I am now able to work through any situation on my own. While I still receive hints and experience synchronicities from all that is, the realization that we all come equipped with the tools and answers to everything is my biggest take away from my time with Louis. Louis is loving and genuinely cares for everyone he comes into contact with. His training and knowledge in addition to his personal experience are very well versed. Louis thank you for your time, experiences and great intentions.

Rajan Singh, Solopreneur

I don't know anyone more qualified and skilled than Louis to be my mentor through this adventure of "creating" an ideal partner. His program consists of vision creation, to laying groundwork, to action steps....the whole time, Louis masterfully identified my relationship constraints that I wasn't even aware of and he never skimps on giving it to me straight. This is the furthest thing from a "light-weight" weekend relationship program...this is a comprehensive program with balanced theory and action. Each week, I experienced myself getting bolder and more confident. Now I am brimming with power and enthusiasm!

Richard Futrell, Cognitive Science Ph.D

I have done two coaching calls with him at crucial junctures in my life. Louis always brings positive energy and inspirational motivation to let you get in touch with what path is best for you and, crucially, to give you the energy to actually do it. You will realize what you need to do and feel hyped about doing it. Another key aspect of Louis’s coaching is that it is extremely nonjudgmental. I have never felt judged or negatively assessed with Louis, even when revealing things I had felt or done that made me feel weak or immoral. Instead of judgment Louis offers an insistent focus on finding the part of yourself that is capable of taking positive action.

Raksha Joshi, Solopreneur

Louis has brought out the child in me. He has shown me to embrace all the colors life brings. Because of him I am creating the life of my dreams. A super connected relationship with my children, a committed relationship my future partner ground in the possibility of blissfulness, joy and love and a business that allows me to have everything I want. He is such a blessing to me and humanity.

Stephen Guertin, Chemist

Too often we get caught up in the negativity of modern life and culture. Media encourages constant self-application of victimhood and internal helplessness. I have personally struggled with this.

Louis's approach is to instead take a proactive stance and full acceptance of responsibility for one’s life. By reinforcing positive thinking and tying one’s goals to the choice of words one uses, this has greatly helped ME overcome some of my own personal struggles. But this is a journey, not a destination, and my coach Louis Brantmeyer is present, passionate, and perceptive in walking with me along this journey we call life.

Madison Barras, Social Media Marketer

In my recent coaching call with Louis, he helped me work through some things in a manner that opened up a new perspective for me. He provided a plethora of added-value materials such as a video of a seminar he'd conducted earlier related to the topic we'd be discussing to preface what he'd be working with me on, and some reading material and action items for after the call. I am so thankful for his coaching perspective!

Why Coaching?

With Me, You Win

Have you found yourself struggling in work, life, or especially relationships? Lack of social skills? Awkwardness? Uncertainty and lack of confidence with the opposite sex?

I did too. I grew up highly religious, nerdy, socially awkward, and isolated from love and sex. Around the time of senior year of high school, I made it my MISSION and PURPOSE to change that. Now, I have over a decade's experience in a dozen different transformational and self-development modalities, hundreds of adventures and experiences behind me. I’ve created about forty-five relationships with members of the opposite sex, romantic and sexual, with increasing ease, alignment, and quality of experience over the past ten years, ten of which became committed relationships,  several of the most recent ones being ones created with almost zero effort...and I'm here to bring EVERYTHING I've learned and discovered to the table in equipping you with the tools and technologies to thrive in this area of your life. 

My absolute passion is healing and empowering people to create AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS RELATIONSHIPS. People in my coaching program report the same - starting new relationships with grace, ease and speed.

I've created a simple three-month system for (1) distinguishing and removing limiting beliefs and blocks to your highest expression of purpose and in the areas of love and sexuality, (2) discovering your REAL POWER to create WHATEVER you want in life, and (3) using that power to manifest your new AMAZING relationship (or relationships)!

What I've done, you can too - with a little training and coaching. 

Empowering Austin Now

Check out our upcoming EAN event!

In Austin? This month, no matter what month it is, there will be an Empowering Austin Now event where you can meet like-minded, positive, growth-oriented people like yourself, AND receive coaching, conversation, and workshops from powerful coaches at a FANTASTIC price! 

I personally gather presenters, coaches, and workshop leaders from around Austin (and sometimes very far away from Austin, like North Carolina) to empower, uplift, inspire, and serve YOU!

We have had an event locally once every month since July, and we're not stopping any time soon! We've covered ABUNDANCE, RELATIONSHIPS, SELF-CARE, and there will certainly be more exciting themes going forward. 

To REGISTER our next event, click the link below:

Empowering Austin Now Workshop Series IV - CREATE YOUR BLISS


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